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  • PiYo Studio

    PiYo is a fusion of pilates and yoga and is a great workout for your mind and body. We affectionately call it "Yoga for Rebels." PiYo uses your body weight to increase muscular strength & flexibility and shape & tone your body.

  • Turbo Kick Studio

    The "Evolution of Kickboxing" Turbo Kick is my soul-mate workout! Choreographed to the “8-count”, it combines awesome music that makes you want to MOVE with ab sculpting choreography and cardio HIIT intervals to BURN FAT and TONE your body. New classes added every 2 months.

  • Cardio, Core & Strength

    Cardio, core, and strength training classes designed to increase endurance and shape your curves. I see my BEST results with a total body approach that includes cardio, strength, and flexibility training. So, you'll see classes that target and tone your abs, glutes, legs, and arms.

  • Sample Meal Plan & Food List

    A sample healthy meal plan and food list because nutrition accounts for 70-80% of your results! I'll even take you grocery shopping with me to show you what I eat when I'm on my slim down meal plan.

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Jiggle Free Crew Testimonials:


“I love the simplicity of your workouts. Doesn't make me feel like I have to buy a bunch of equipment to workout at home.”

YouTube subscriber


“I hope you never stop doing these because I rely on them for my sanity as well as my overall fitness. Like I've said before, you're amazing at what you do!”

YouTube subscriber

Caz Fell

“I love your energy. Strong yet sweet. Beautiful lady you are. Although I don't have shaved sides, I seem to gravitate to your crochet vids. May your channel grow exponentially this year!”

YouTube subscriber


Class curriculum

You're guaranteed the BEST spot in class!

  • 01

    Tips & Resources

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    • **DISCLAIMER**

    • Stream from Phone/Computer

    • Navigating the Online Fitness Studio

    • Sample Healthy Meal Plan & Food List

    • Go Meal Prep Grocery Shopping with Me!

  • 02

    PiYo Live Studio

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    • A Word About PiYo

    • NEW ROUND!! PiYo Round 39 (60 min)

    • PiYo Round 64 (60 min)

    • PiYo Round 61 (60 min)

    • PiYo Round 60 (60 min)

    • PiYo Round 51 (60 min)

    • PiYo Round 50 (60 min)

    • PiYo Round 47 (60 min)

  • 03

    Turbo Kick Live Studio

    Show Content
    • A Word About Turbo Kick

    • NEW ROUND!! Turbo Kick Round 87 (60 min)

    • Turbo Kick Round 86 (60 min)

    • Turbo Kick Round 84 (44 min)

    • Turbo Kick Round 43 (53 min)

    • Turbo Kick 101 Beginner Class (30 min)

    • TK 43 Express (30 min)

  • 04

    Cardio, Core & Strength

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    • NEW CLASS! Hit Every Muscle in 15 Minutes - STRENGTH

    • Kickboxing HIIT - CARDIO (21 min)

    • Jiggle Free Arms - STRENGTH (15 min)

    • Tabata Total Body - CARDIO (15 min)

    • 20 Minute Lean Legs & Strong Abs - STRENGTH

    • 5 Minute Ab Burner - CORE

    • I'm Better Ab Workout - CORE (5 min)

    • 5 Minutes to Sexy Abs - CORE

    • Beginner Series: Ab Class - CORE (5 min)

    • TK 84 Legs & HIIT Cardio - STRENGTH + CARDIO (15 min)

    • PiYo 61 - HB, Core & Stretch - STRENGTH + FLEXIBILITY (20 min)

    • TK "All the HIITs" - CARDIO (18 min)

    • PiYo Flow and Stretch - STRENGTH + FLEXIBILITY (25 min)

  • 05

    Form & Technique Tutorials

    Show Content
    • Turbo Kick - Learn the Moves! - CARDIO (19 min)

    • How to do the Perfect Pushup

MaShelle Dean

Instructor Bio:

I'm MaShelle - your Fit & Fabulous Coach! I'm an AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor, Fitness Coach, and wife to my husbae, Ron. I started doing WORKOUT PROOF HAIR YouTube tutorials in 2017 out of the need to find a hairstyle that could withstand my intense workouts. I've been a Certified Group Fitness Instructor since 2010, teaching at the Buckhead YMCA for 8 years before taking my classes 100% online. Class doesn't start until you get here and you're guaranteed the BEST spot in class!

MaShelle Dean

Certified Group Fitness Instructor


  • Will I get access to the Fat Burn Challenge?

    The Fat Burn Challenge and my other flagship programs are not included in the monthly membership. Those programs must be purchased separately.

  • How will my credit card be charged?

    Your credit card will automatically be charged a $10 recurring fee each month. If you select the annual membership you will be charged a one time fee of $100. You will see a charge from Jiggle Free Zone, LLC. You may cancel any time prior to your monthly renewal date.

  • How often are new classes added to the Online Fitness Studio?

    New PiYo and Turbo Kick classes are added every 2 months. My Workout Proof Hair tutorials can be viewed for free on my YouTube channel.

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Consult a physician before doing this or any fitness program. If you experience faintness, dizziness, or shortness of breath during exercise, you should stop immediately. Practice good form and technique to reduce the risk of injury. You assume all risk and responsibility and agree to hold the Jiggle Free Zone, LLC and its employees harmless for any injury you may sustain during this workout. Always warmup before and stretch after a workout. Be safe, listen to your body, and modify as needed. Work at your own pace. I encourage you to pause the video to take breaks as needed. ~ Jiggle Free Zone, LLC